In this article, we will present a step-by-step guide on targeting users based on their feedback results.

For example, you receive negative feedback from your users about a recently published Walkthrough. You wish to target these users with Autolaunchers, encouraging them to provide a positive rating in the future. 

We can achieve this by combining features, including Tags and Autolaunchers. For this guide you will requiere to have people tracking enabled, at least one Feedback and Walkthrough Topic created within your Site, an Autolauncher, at least one Tag and lastly, you will need access to Excel or other Spreadsheet software. Follow the steps below to target users based on Feedback results.

Export the Feedback results

  1. Login to the Inline Manual portal with your e-mail and password.
  2. Go to the Sites tab, choose your desired Site and go to the Feedback tab. 
  3. Choose the Feedback Topic you want to export results for and then click on the Export as CSV button to get the results from your survey.

Filter the users you wish to target

You can access the document with MS Excel or your preferred Spreadsheet software. Once the data has been populated, you can organize how you wish to target those users.

Please note that the Tagging feature only allows CSV, XLSX or TXT formats only.

Additionally, only e-mail or UID values are accepted when uploading the file.

We would recommend to select e-mails to upload for this particular use-case.

Tag from external data

  1. Click the Tag users drop-down menu and choose Tag from external data.

The button will be disabled if you don't have any tags added.

  1. In the new modal window that appears, click on Choose a file and locate your desired file (5MB maximum size):

  1. From the Select type of data in the file drop-down menu, choose either UID or Email.

  1. Select your tags, e.g. Tag1, and click on the Tag user button to confirm your selection.

  1. You will see a blue notification window informing you that the task is in progress:

Followed by a green window with confirmation that the task is finished:

  1. Create or open an Autolauncher and assign the Tag as a parameter to the Audience filter in your Autolauncher.

  1. Also, we would recommend that in the Autolauncher settings, you to limit the Number of plays to 1, as well as setting the Play only if the topic wasn't completed rule.

This will prevent the Topic from repeating for your users after they've seen or completed it. You can configure all other settings as necessary for your use case.

Once you've published your Autolauncher and if all the rules match, it will successfully launch for the tagged users on your application!

We would highly recommend utilizing the Status tool as you test the Autolauncher on your application. This will help you diagnose issues more efficiently.

You can add more users to this Tag or generate new Tags by following the same process described in this guide.