These resources will help you get started to plan, design, and create in-app guidance such as interactive walkthroughs, articles, and tooltips.

What is user onboarding?

Learn about user onboarding concepts and best practices. Get ideas for what you can apply now.

Guide: What is user onboarding for SaaS software?

Start here to introduce yourself to user onboarding, along with ideas for strategy and tactics you can use today.

User onboarding best practice: Show users benefits first

Find out how to guide users to your service's benefits and results, not bells and whistles. Get users taking action with tasks, don't bore them with tours.

How to plan your user onboarding experience

If you're building guidance within your application for the first time, we recommend starting with a targeted segment of users and testing out messaging. You can build on what you learn by seeing what works.

Create tailored user onboarding experiences for your customers

You have segments of users with different needs. Launch tailored onboarding experiences for each user persona and guide them to success.

Improve customer onboarding by reducing UX friction

Customers get hung-up on these common points of friction. Map your user experience to see where your users need help and bridge the gap.

Improve customer onboarding with in-app help

Read how to identify trouble spots in your user onboarding flow. Then, apply the right user onboarding tools such as in-app knowledge base articles or help launchers.

How to create excellent user onboarding content

Ready to fine-tune your content? Consider creating a user onboarding style guide, or using Step Templates to make sure content is consistent no matter who creates it.

Write great calls to action to increase customer engagement

Four ways to improve in-product messaging by writing more persuasive content and clear CTAs.

Create a "User onboarding Style Guide""

Are you ready to fine-tune your process? Make sure your content is consistent no matter who is writing.

Get inspired

Need help to generate some more ideas? Look to these inspiring examples.

Inspiring examples of user onboarding (video)

Watch this webinar for examples of user onboarding. See what you can apply in your product or service.

Game mechanics for better interactive walkthroughs

Look at alternative sources of inspiration. Can you apply game mechanics to improve user engagement?