There may be instances when you want to clone or copy a Topic. 

For example, create templates for walkthrough announcements, articles, surveys and more. Then, your teammates can quickly copy them to keep your organization's branding consistent or allow colleagues to create personal copies of your topics—such as walkthroughs, tooltips, or designs they like—so they can adjust it for their purposes.

There are two places from which you can clone a Topic.

Cloning a Topic from the Content page

  1. Go to Content on the Portal
  2. Click on Clone next to the Topic you want to clone.

Cloning a Topic from the Topic detail

  1. Go to Site > Topics and click the topic ID of the Topic you want to clone.

  1. Click on Clone (A).

Clone Topic form options

Basic settings

Set the Topic title and Description of the newly created copy.

Ownership and Site

Clone as: Choose the Owner of the newly created copy. In most cases, you would want to leave this as is.

Site: Choose to which Site this Topic will assign after creation. Please note that this will make it accessible to your users right away. You can select the "None" option from the list, and it won't assign to any Site. You can then assign it later. This list changes based on the Owner selected above.

Advanced settings

You can change the Topic's context and tags before creating a new copy.

Click the Clone Topic button to create a complete copy of the Topic.

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