Here are the most common issues related to assigning elements. If you don't see your issue on the list, send a detailed email to

Assigned the element but on mouse move it jumps to the center of the screen

This is most likely caused by behavior of your application where your application is adding a special CSS class to the element, preventing the Authoring Tool to select the correct element.

Go to Elements, and look for anything that might seem like active state and remove it. Click on the eye icon next to the element to highlight the area, if it highlights, it means you have the correct selector now.

If that does not solve the issue, check the element on the Elements Section and look for classes similar to sfHover, hover, active, item-active, etc. If you find these type of classes, you can add them on the Selector Blacklist. Once added, go back to authoring tool and click on the burger menu next to the Topic or Site title and click on Refresh, then assign the element again. This time it should ignore the class that's intervening with the Authoring tool.

Assigned the element for an application that is generating new IDs on each time a page is reloaded

Change the weights of the selectors that are being used when assigning an element. Go to Sites > Site > Settings > Advanced settings > Set weight for ID to 0.0 > Click Save.

Some applications have a unique and generated ID on every page reload. Setting the weight to 0.0 will disable the ID selector.

The step appears behind the element

This is most likely the z-index issue. Set the z-index to be higher and then refresh. These settings are within Sites > Site > Settings > Player appearance > Z-Index field.

Unable to click on the highlighted element

Some applications might make selecting an element not possible. There may be instances that the element you are selecting is in a drop down or collapsed menu, which requires clicking a different element first before getting to it. Hold down the Shift button to suspend selection/assignment until you get to the correct element.   There may be instances that the exact element can't be assigned to due to some issue e.g. getting redirected to a different page or performing an action. Hold down S to select that element.

Unable to select an element within an iframe

iFrames Support is available to Enterprise subscribers. Contact Support, and we will be happy to enable this feature for you.

There are other issues I am facing

If you are facing some other issues, please do get in touch. The best is if you supply us with either a quick screencast or explanation and access to your application, if possible, where we can replicate this. We are always happy to help. Your feedback improves Inline Manual.