Our hybrid solution allows for implementation in a strict security environment or in an environment where there is no internet connection - on-premise.

Standalone Player is an add-on for $199/month (per account, applies to all Sites).

How does it work?

Once we enable the Standalone Player for a particular Site, it is then possible to download the Player JavaScript library and Content data as JSON within the Site > Settings > Player installation page.

The implementation is similar to the standard Embed Player, except that you will tell Inline Manual where to get the loader file and the content/config data file. These would be your locations within your or your customer’s infrastructure.

The Content data file is in the JSON format; therefore, once fetched, you can easily parse it if needed for further security checks.

One of the benefits of the Standard Embed Player is that it updates itself, so the Authors do not need to do anything when they change any content or settings. However, with the Standalone Player, Authors will need to ensure the Content data file is updated, either by uploading the latest to the desired destination or by having a button within your application to synchronize the content to make the Authors’ life easier. You don’t need to re-upload the Standalone player library whenever something changes, just the Content data file.

You can ship the Standalone Player and the Content data file in your codebase as part of your product as long as you have an active subscription with Inline Manual.

As we allow turning on and off certain features, like analytics, multiple scenarios can be achieved with the Standalone Player, which affects the functionality when implemented.

You can host the Standalone Player and its content while enabling the analytics. Here is a list of features that are the most often discussed.

Analytics enabled - Hybrid

Analytics disabled - Offline


The Standalone Player will be sending events and user profiles to Inline Manual Service

No communication between Standalone Player and Inline Manual Service




Showing content based on the user’s segment

Launchers’ visibility based on the user activity

Launchers’ visibility based on the user’s segment

Step Actions’ context

Topic’s Context

Suppose you want a feature like Autolaunchers, which depends on Analytics while the Analytics feature is disabled, for example; to launch a Walkthrough for new users. In that case, you can leverage the JavaScript methods and launch it within your application programmatically. You would need to keep the state and ensure the conditions are in place so that you will not launch it all the time for them (this is what the Inline Manual Service does for you when the Analytics feature is enabled).

Eventually, you can choose to point the Standalone Player to Inline Manual’s Content data file on our CDN, which will update whenever the Author updates the content. This is often recommended in a staging/development environment for more accessible publishing and previewing when making changes.

If you want to purchase Standalone Player Add-on for $199/month, please contact sales@inlinemanual.com.