1. Authoring tool is enabled

The Authoring tool is able to preview only one Topic at a time. Therefore if enabled, it might be confusing, that there are no other Topics showing.

  • Check if Authoring tool is enabled:
  • The Inline Manual icon in the top right corner of your browser will be green. Click on it to disable it.
  • Or if you are seeing the blue collapsed panel on the right or left, click the top right icon to disable it.
  • Optionally, reload the page.

If the Authoring tool is enabled, and it is overriding the display of the Topics, you will see a yellow warning at the bottom of the widget.

2. Filter by context is enabled

If you are still not seeing the Topics but they are assigned to the Site under Sites > Site > Topics (you can see the Topics there), then the Filter by context might be enabled. Either disable the Filter by context option or set the context of the Topics. More about Filter by context option.

3. Topics are set to be hidden

Topics can be also set to be hidden within the widget. Read more about Hidden Topics

4. Other Site's Player might be installed

The Site's Player that you are working with might be a different one, than the one that is installed within your application. To check that, you can run the diagnostics tool and check the Site id in the Player info.

5. Other issues

Please do get in touch via support@inlinemanual.com and we will be happy to help.