Inline Manual player relies on the customer’s application to tell the player which language should be used. It does not use the client’s browser language, nor does it try to detect what language would be best. Implementation

Place the code in the InlineManual boot:

<script>InlineManual("boot", userObject, { language: 'de' });</script>

Where 'de' is the language identifier set by your application. The available identifiers can be found under Site > Settings > Player languages, where you can also translate the user interface.

Player Language Handling

Master Language - when you create a topic, the language that you initially set for it, becomes the Master language, which is also the fallback language. In an event, your application sets a language but a topic does not have a translation of that language, the topic's Master Language will be applied.

Language Filtering - if you want to filter the topics on the list within the widget based on language - enable the Filter Topics by Language (Sites > Site > Settings > Player Settings) And if Filter by Language is set and you want the Topic to be available to everyone regardless of its master language, set the language of the particular topic to Neutral on the Assigned Topics list (Sites > Site > Topics).

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